Our Reflectoscope is a patent pending device that is used like any other rifle, pistol or other weapon scope, mounted on the top, bottom or side of a firearm, airsoft or paintball gun but is a machined solid piece of metal sporting 2 static mirrors mounted on each side, situated at 45° between the bead or trajectory of a weapon and projecting an image 90° to the side of the gun, allowing the user to sight, acquire and fire from a cover position, around a corner or safely behind an object.

The Reflectoscope is used in conjunction with a scope, red-dot, laser, flashlight or any scope or mounted accessory and not in the place of those accessories. Reflectoscopes have been known throughout history as a device that allows a user to see an image or project an image 90°, typically using a mirror situated at 45° between two objects or perspectives. There's a great example of a Reflectoscope that has been used for years at the south rim of the Grand Canyon's "Watchtower" gift shop that allows visitors to view an aspect of the canyon that would otherwise be unseen. Black polished glass reflects the canyon to highlight unusual colors and perspectives.

Our Reflectoscope is a survival apparatus used to defend oneself from attack.  Situational awareness, whether on the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan, in your home or the paintball and airsoft parks throughout the world is a key to victory. Reflectoscope gives you an unfair advantage over your opponent.

Q - How is the Reflectoscope attached?

A - A slot allows mounting on a (military spec) Weaver or Picatinny rail. (There are some poorly made rails (out of spec.) that might need some rework in order for the reflectoscope to fit, but most rails work well, for instance: OEM rails as in the Colt AR-15 OEM rail or the Springfield XD-40 integrated rail.) The Reflectoscope is held on by a single set screew that allows the user to place or remove the Reflectoscope easily and quickly.

Q - Where can I find the Reflectoscope to see and purchase?

A - Ask your favorite gun store if they have it in or on order.  We will be shipping them soon.

Q - What material is the Reflectoscope made from?

A - Solid billet aluminum and the worlds clearest and reflective mirrors.

Q - Where is the Reflectoscope made?


Q - What are the dimensions of the Reflectoscope?

A - 2.05" long x 1.7" in width and 1.4" tall.

Q - What is that "V" shape in the top of the Reflectoscope?

A - The "V" is to allow for an attachable laser/flashlight system. It also allows a user to see through the Reflectoscope to his/her sight from a normal firing position behind the gun. The "V" also allows for a flashlight, laser, red-dot scope or sighting scope to be mounted behind the Reflectoscope and not block the passage of light. (It accually enhances the use of a red dot scope in giving a quicker sight picture.

Q - What is the warranty on Reflectoscope?

A - The Reflectoscope is guaranteed for life from any manufacturing defects. If you break the Reflectoscope in use, we will replace for ½ of the price. Just contact us and pay the fee and we will send one out immediately using the honor system that you will send back the broken Reflectoscope as soon as you receive your new one, so you will be without the added protection of your Reflectoscope for as little time as possible. Replacement mirrors are also available at a nominal cost.

Q - Are there any other sizes, colors or materials available?

Please see our "products" page for all currant available options. Email us with the word "ADD" in the subject line to be added to our mailing list for new developments and promotions.

Please Email any further questions to: info@stealthstrike.com

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