The Reflectoscope is a device that attaches to the rail of your shotgun, paintball gun, pistol etc. which allows you to point your gun around a corner and see where your gun is aiming, through mirrors set at 45 degrees, that reflect the image of what's going on in front of the gun to the side of the gun, so you can observe or fire from around the corner, away from the action.

The Reflectoscope is made in the U.S.A. from solid billet aluminum that attaches to your picatinny or weaver rail and is ready to use in just seconds, and no complicated settings or moving parts in function or adjustments and can also be removed in an instant. 

The Reflectoscope uses the most clear glass mirrors in the world that are scratch and fog resistant.

The 'V' cutout in the top of the Reflectoscope is designed to allow the passage of light through to your front sight and doesn't block your red dot or distance scope.    

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